Smallest wild cat in the Americas 1.5 - 2.5 kg.

Smallest wild cat in the Americas 1.5 - 2.5 kg.

The Guiña

Leopardus guigna

The guiña (Leopardus guigna), the smallest wild cat in the Americas (1.5 – 2.5 kg), also has the smallest distribution, being found primarily in central and southern Chile (30°- 48°S) and marginally in adjoining areas of southwestern Argentina (39°- 46°S west of 70°W) from sea level to 2,500 meters. It is closely associated with native forests, and can move across human-dominated fragmented landscapes through vegetation corridors.

Guignas are classified as vulnerable by the IUCN Red List and their main threats are habitat loss, retaliatory killing, impacts of domestic dogs and cats, and diseases transmitted by them.

Mapa ubicación Guiña

Who we are

We are an inclusive group that welcomes more members and participating organizations.

The Guiña Working Group (GWG) is a team of researchers, conservationists and advocates who share their passion for this species and are working together to achieve the long-term survival of guignas and their natural habitats throughout their range. We work as a team, with strong synergies, joint efforts and collaborations for more effective conservation results across guigna range.

Our goal

Our goal is to conduct meaningful conservation-oriented research to identify and quantify ecological needs and threats to guignas. With this knowledge we want to inform sound, evidence-based priority strategies for conservation and achieve effective threat reduction actions. We aim to conduct long-term monitoring of populations to evaluate our impacts and partner with local communities to engage them in all our conservation efforts.

Our mission

The Guiña Working Group supports the conservation of guigna populations and their natural habitats within their geographic range in Chile and Argentina, by collaborating with local partners to identify and mitigate threats, engaging with local communities, inspiring and increasing awareness in the general public and gain social support, to create the best possible scenario for the long-term survival of guignas in the wild.

Güiña, by Jerry Laker

Güiña - Fauna Australis, by Jerry Laker

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Educational & outreach material

These educational resources are to support initiatives throughout guiña range so that they may undertake educational activities and community monitoring of the species with camera traps.

Gatalina Boscosa Gatalina Boscosa

Meet our guiña mascot,

Gatalina Boscosa

Gatalina interacts with adults and kids in our outreach activities. Check the pictures and videos to learn more.

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For inquiries, please contact us at our Instagram @gwg.guigna 

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